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RDB's Organigram

Our organigram


Celestine Cyrille Rakotoharimalala

Lalainasoarimbelo Malalanalinjara

Miandriniaina Jules

Rabodoarivelo Nirina

Rakotoarison James Daniel

Joelina Tezaniaina Rasolofo

Mirambola Ratovohery

Ramamonjisoa Rivo Alain

Ranaivo Faramalala Holy




General Services and Public Relations

Pastoral Group

Advertising and Marketing

Editorial staff

Since the beginning of its activity Radio Don Bosco has taken a special care in the preparation of its radio news. Being an educational radio, RDB has always dealt with the political issues avoiding siding and making talk, in first person, facts and protagonists of the national and international scene. To achieve this goal, Radio Don Bosco was concerned to train its journalists through a series of courses, also developed through the help of highly qualified persons in the area. As strategic choice, the preparation of the news was given to a young and dynamic team, headed by a chief editor.

The three newspapers and two radio news programmes are entirely self produced, for a total of 1 hour and 40 minutes of daily news.