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RDB's Radio Program


Presentation of the programs

Programming of RDB is characterized by a succession of time slots to satisfy their listeners.

Time bands 

4.30 – 6.30

Radio Don Bosco invites to make the first thought of the day to God, through the morning prayer, meditation, reading and a brief commentary of the Gospel of the day, the deepening of the catechism, teaching of the Church's social doctrine and the history of the saint of the day.

8.00 – 12.00

Every day are offered different programs, regarding some issues of the day. The program is a kind of entertainment, through an original and lively animation, imbued with humor. It consists of several headings (education to love, youth, world culture and show business, educational issues around the role of women and the family, current events), with the aim to inform, entertain, involve the audience, make them think … (via e-mail, SMS, telephone).

14.00 – 17.00

It's a talk show, to entertain the audience, where are included various items both educational, informative, interesting facts, practical advice; all on a fast pace, humorous, involving the listeners through interviews and games.

17.30 – 19.30

In this time band are offered a range of short length programs: on health, on agriculture, on ecology, catechetical insights, issues of working.

20.15 – 21.30

Here you will find in-depth programs such as: socio-political debates, questions to the priest about spiritual issues, development, better understanding of religious issues, women's world, news…

Among the various time bands enter the radio news and newsletter, to inform listeners constantly on local and international events.